Ok, so I didn’t actually take this photo on a Monday, but I had a good time shooting this bottle of whisky last Friday. I went out and found a cool looking bottle, closed the door, flipped the lights off and started shooting.

For my setup, I had a black blanket on a small table and pinned it up on the wall to create a perfect, dark  backdrop for my light paintings. I placed the whisky bottle on the table and started experimenting.


I wanted to get a well-lit photo of the whisky and glass, and add some lights in the background to reflect in the glass and shine through. I set out several different light tools to try out.

I started out with just trying to get the lighting right for the subject. I played with a few different light sources.


After I got the illumination down, I started messing around with all my different light tools. Overall, I took probably 20 photos. I think the ones with the yellow LED strip came out the best. It was a good time, and not just because of the whisky..


_DSC0510 _DSC0543_DSC0523