As the winter months drag on in Minnesota I find myself dreaming of the granite rock faces that are hidden under ice and snow. The long dark hours of winter make for a great opportunity to grab some climbing gear (climbing nuts), head to the basement and do a little light painting.

As you can see in the video this wasn’t a very challenging shoot, although there are a couple things to point out. First it was important that I took the time to really position the climbing nuts in a pleasing composition relative to each other. It is easy to rush through this step, but don’t! The other small challenge was just to get them to hold still as I had hung them and they had the notion to swing on me. Other than that it was just about playing with the lighting and nailing the exposure.

My technical details for the image below…

I used a 50mm lens on a crop sensor DSLR camera. ƒ18, 15s, ISO 400.

Nuts about Climbing

I hope you all enjoyed this episode of the Light Painting Vlog.

Keep Stimulighting the Night!!



-Dan McCreight