Redemption is sweet!

Did you see the tiny Blue Gil swimming around the bobber? Look closely at :47 seconds.

I headed back to the river for round 2 of the fishing scene. I made it down to my location earlier this time and jumped into action. I brought a bobber with me to really add some bright color to an otherwise blue scene. Immediately I could see an improvement from yesterday’s photo shoot. The flashlight was was working great, and I could pull of long exposures with no problem. The color of the light was constantly changing, giving me the challenge of┬áblending light sources. I made it work, and was happy with the final image.

Also did you enjoy the timelapse? Expect to see a lot more of those in the coming episodes.

River Redemption

Lessons learned…

  1. It is always easier the second time around.
  2. Timelapses are cool!

Thanks for watching!