How can I create a literal “light painting”? Wait, I know, I’ll use a paint brush and paint it with light! So after I came up with that brilliant groundbreaking idea ;), it was time to make it happen. I really was about to give up after struggling to get the colored paper to look like paint. When people think that photographers are just out always laughing and having a great time taking pictures, no. Just no. When the image isn’t coming together like this one, I get frustrated and sometimes I move on, but with the pressure of the new Vlog looming, I buckled down and kept working on the image. It wasn’t long after my temper tantrum that I placed the colored paper on either side of the brush and was blown away by the result. It’s working! Looking back, I could have placed some black paint on the brush to really make the image believable, but either way, I just dig the soft blending of the colored paper in this image.

Final image for LPVlog #4

Lesson of the day… Grind through the tough times, the results will be worth it in the end.

Thanks for watching!