It’s the 3rd episode of the Light Painting Vlog! With winter starting to fade here in Minnesota, I am already looking forward to summer. It isn’t quite that time outside yet, so I have decided to create a summer mood in the basement using light painting and a defocus technique I have seen used by Dave Black.

The idea was to first set the scene. I laid down a brown shirt, placed the sunglasses on top, and then grabbed some colored paper. The shirt mimics sand, while the paper will appear to look like a sunset.

Final Image for The Light Painting Vlog #3

Final Image for The Light Painting Vlog #3

I clicked the shutter and painted in the dark. The key to the image was the defocus technique. With this technique you first light the areas of the scene you want to be sharp, then turn the focus ring on the lens to defocus it, and then hit the rest of the image with light while skipping the part you lit up at the beginning. The results are a soft image with a sharp focal point.

I hope you are enjoying these episodes. Thanks for watching!