In episode #2 of the Light Painting Vlog, I take what we learned from episode #1 and apply it to create a conceptual photograph.

Using the spoon once again and a mug, I tried to create an image that mimicked steam pouring out of a mug/bowl, except that steam was made of light.

There were a few pieces that had to come together in this image for it to work. Composition is always a great place to start. I had to get the layout nailed down to start with. Next came the amount of light on the bowl, and the background to balance with the light coming out of the bowl. Also the color of the background elements took consideration. Muted colors worked best. Finally it was a matter of trial and error until I could get a shot of the light coming from the bowl that looked like steam. This all while shinning a light onto a metal spoon and waving it around in the dark.

Final Image from Episode #2

Final Image from Episode #2

The possibilities of work you can create with light painting are endless.

Thanks for watching episode #2 of the Light Painting Vlog.