Today I am taking you into the world of Macro (Micro) photography. Macro and Micro are the same thing in this example, just means close up photography. Not only are we getting into Macro photography, I am using light painting instead of studio lights or strobes to create a commercial looking image.

There are tons of options when it comes to shooting macro. You can certainly spend the money and buy a really nice macro lens. I used a really cheap fotodiox extension tube on a nikon 50mm lens for this shoot. Just search for macro adapters and you will see a large assortment of prices, brands, and quality adapters. This particular adapter does not allow for your camera to read the lens so you will have to set your exposure and focus manually.

The challenge with macro photography really is getting a sharp image. When you have your lens an inch or two from your subject, any movement will put you completely out of focus. You will notice that your depth of field will also be extremely exaggerated and shallow. This means you need to open up your aperture if you want to get a little wider focus area in your image. You are almost guaranteed to need to use a tripod for this style of photography. Because I am light painting this image, the tripod is required.

I really took my time moving the ball and tennis racquet around to try and get different looks. I also used different width extension tubes to try and adjust my depth of field as well.




Like anything the best way to get good with macro photography is to get out there and go for it.


Keep on Stimulighting the Night!



-Dan McCreight