Welcome to the very first episode of the Light Painting Vlog!

Why a vlog?¬†Sometimes we creatives make excuses for ourselves not to get out and create art. We wake up and it’s cold outside, or we have too many things on our to-do-list, maybe we are feeling a little sick or we haven’t had the optimal amount of sleep required to power through the day. Whatever the case may be, I was feeling a lot of that! I would make excuses for myself as to why I would wait and get out and shoot tomorrow, or the next day. I finally decided that I would create a Vlog and¬†upload a photo and video 5 days a week. Every day I feel like I would rather stay in bed, or do something different, I would have a reason to fight through and go make some art. So here it is.. The Light Painting Vlog.

Let's Spoon

Final Image from episode 1

In this particular episode I wanted to play around with new ways to paint with light. My idea was to take a metal spoon and shine a light on that spoon to create a dynamic line of light to paint with.

I hope you enjoy this episode and many more to come. Thanks for watching!