I realize how corny the title is and I apologize.


If I could give one tip about life I would like to suggest that everyone light paint often (trust me it’s awesome) and enjoy the ride. Life is short so don’t waste it doing shit you don’t care about.

About the photo: this is a 20th edition Yamaha Vmax. It is special to me because it belonged to my late father. He left us in 2010. While I am not too attached to physical things, I have to say that when you rev this bad girl up, she demands respect. I can see why my parents enjoyed this bike so much. You might notice some water on the bike. I set the bike up (after washing it very carefully) and got ready to shoot right as a thunderstorm rolled through. Instead of giving up I just went ahead and shot in the rain. (Was hoping for some awesome lightning but wasn’t gifted any). I then used one of my tools I made from paper and electrical tape (here is how I made the tool) and gave the image that light painting love it deserved. That’s it. Flashlight and a piece of paper with some electrical tape. It is amazing what you can do with a little LP.