As I type this my fellow Stimulighter Johnny A is en route to meet some of the finest light painters the United States has to offer. Their objective is to create the most light painted orbs ever created in one exposure. The previous record is held by Andrew Wells. You can see the story here. This really shows why light painting is so freaking awesome!  Johnny is excited and doesn’t want to disappoint so he has been practicing his orbage techniques.


Not only am I jealous that Johnny gets to hang out with all these amazing light painters, I am now itching to get out and make some orbs myself.

It turns out Johnny gets to meet the legendary Jeremy Jackson at his Tacky Shack! I know this is one of Johnny’s hero’s and he is hoping a ‘tacky mask’ will take place.

So good luck Johnny (and Kate)! I know you will represent Stimulight well! As for the light painting world, great things are happening so be a part of the light painting revolution!