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How to Photograph the Milky Way – The Right Way

Milky goodness streaks across the sky overhead. You grab your trusty hunk of photo makin’ metal, and point it towards the heavens above. Now what?

For thousands of years mankind has been looking at the stars with a grounding effect on their sense of belonging. These days we are further from those beautiful twinkling diamonds in the sky than ever before. Maybe that is why a photograph of the Milky Way tugs on the viewer’s attention in such a powerful way. Let me walk you through how to make your own professional image of the Milky Way! Continue reading

Rock the Light Paint

With my legs spread from one rock to the next, I carefully balanced on the edge of my shoes, pulled a battery from my pocket and began to rub it on a piece of steel wool stuffed carefully into a burnt up egg whisk. The wool began to spark and Jackie clicked the shutter open. Continue reading

Taylors Falls Star Trails

I sat in the dark listening to my shutter click away, every 30 seconds like clockwork. My mind was starting to sort itself out as it does when you are alone in nature. All the pieces of life started to come together. That’s when I was interrupted by a chill running down the length of my spine. I turned around and stared into the darkness. Something didn’t feel right. There is a reason humans invented headlights. The more I stared the less I could see. I just couldn’t overcome my biological inability to see like a cat. I flicked on my headlamp and was greeted by two green eyes starting back at me. Continue reading

Milky Milky Yeah!

This image is one that I really enjoy. I created this one last summer at a place called Lake Geode in Danville, Iowa. A friend and I had been spending our night drinking at an RV park, telling stories around the fire. Continue reading

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