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Eric Paré on Light Painting, Business, and Inspiration

The light painting world is an ever-changing one. There has been a steady stream of innovation from all around the world in the past decade. A couple of years ago as I started my journey into the light painting community, I was always looking for work that took not only light painting, but also photography as a whole to new heights. As I searched and searched, I landed onto the page of Eric Paré. Continue reading

Spread the Light with James de Luna

In the UK there is a young photographer they call James de Luna. If you are into the light painting community, you probably already know James. He has an uncanny ability to reach out and connect with light painters, bringing the community closer. This is actually how we got to know James. We had noticed his work, and pretty soon James was chatting it up with us on Facebook from across the pond. Right away it was clear that James is passionate about light painting and the light painting community. Continue reading