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The Light Painting Vlog #6 – Light Painting Redemption

Redemption is sweet!

Did you see the tiny Blue Gil swimming around the bobber? Look closely at :47 seconds.

I headed back to the river for round 2 of the fishing scene. I made it down to my location earlier this time and jumped into action. I brought a bobber with me to really add some bright color to an otherwise blue scene. Immediately I could see an improvement from yesterday’s photo shoot. The flashlight was was working great, and I could pull of long exposures with no problem. Continue reading

The Light Painting Vlog #5 – Fishing for Light

I had grand plans for this photograph, but plans and reality are often separate. Even with that said, this image served as a learning experience. As the days are growing longer with spring on it’s way here in Minnesota, it is getting more challenging to wake up early enough to make it to my locations before the light floods the scene. Continue reading

How to Cook a Fish


Jackie and I (Dan) enjoy wine and brownies every friday. Last weekend I built this makeshift fire pit and couch thingy. While enjoying our wine we decided it was right time to break out the camera and start painting. We kept it simple. Cooking a light painted fish over our fire. No matter how often I paint with light, it is still awesome to be able to creatively add something to an image.

Happy Painting!