It was the first evening of the East Coast Light Painting Meet-up and the rain was finally letting up. Not that it had held us back from light painting… The atmosphere and energy of the group was awesome and everyone was buzzing with creativity and excitedness . We decided it was high time to get a group shot. Following some awesome group shots with a huge light strip, everyone decided that our cameras were already warmed up and ready to go, why not go crazy?

Fireworks ensued shortly after as well as a lot of illumination and colored gels. The smoke remaining from the fireworks made for a great subject to illuminate with the powerful 1,300 lumen Coast flashlight held by none other than Dennis Calvert.

Several shots turned out blurry and chaotic with no real composition. But after a while I lined up my frame and caught a great moment when Dennis was holding steady, and some fireworks blasted some sparks into my composition. I waited a while and closed my shutter thinking my shot would be probably be another mesh of blur, crazy lights and smoke, but when I closed the shutter, it was a surprisingly interesting and a well lit shot. Out of the chaos, I caught a decent light painting.