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Why is Light Painting so Aggravating?

It always begins as an amazing adventure. The gear is packed, a plan is roughly in place, and it’s time to head out into the night. You pull up to the edge of the forest, and your headlights shine deep into the woods. You grab your equipment and search for the headlamp you left sitting on the dining room table. After a few futile attempts to find it, your flashlight is promoted. Continue reading

Dan vs Johnny $100 Light Painting Challenge



After a good night of wine with my lady, it was time for a good old fashion light painting session. Using some Bokeh and cheap LP tools, I put this composition together.

After the shoot was over and I was editing this image, that inspiration that the booze can sometimes give you crept up and a thought appeared inside my head. Johnny and I have missed a couple weeks of light painting due to our busy schedules. This is not ok with us as we both love the sport of light painting. So last night I got a hold of Johnny and we decided to do something about this problem. We have decided that the first one of us that misses one week of light painting will have to give the other a $100 gift card to B&H. Due to limited financial resources, this is actually one challenge I don’t want to lose. So bring it on Johnny!

All the competitions aside, we hope that you enjoy our work.

Keep the light on the canvas!