Wow it is beautiful out here today! The sun is shining, the ducks are quacking, and the loons are diving. Sitting on the beach at Sibley State Park it becomes clear that maybe us creatures were meant to spend our days outside with the elements. The rhythms of nature all around, the sun warming our skin and the smells of fresh air overwhelming our senses.

I have lived in Minnesota for two years and one of my favorite parts of this beautiful state are the beautiful outdoors. I could wish for warmer weather and less mosquitos, but as they say, “the God is fair”. The views are amazing and the lakes are plentiful. This was my first visit to Sibley State Park in New London, Minnesota not far from my dwelling in Saint Cloud.

As I rolled up to the park I was greeted at the Rangers building. I grabbed a map, found a place to park, and began hiking to see what I could see. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful lakes surrounded by tall prairie grass (I am not an expert on grass, so if it is a particular type of grass and I am insulting someone I apologize). As I walked around the lakes and into the woods I saw this little ground squirrel chewing on a nut.

Ground Squirrel

He kept an eye on me as I passed by but it was obvious he was more interested in his lunch. I continued on and was welcomed by more beautiful nature and a few deer sightings. As the sun began to get low in the sky I gathered Jackie and we headed to the beach for some more shooting opportunities.

The golden light filled the lens as I lay belly down in the sand. At Stimulight we are interested in exploring not only light painting techniques, but any technique that lets you push the camera and your creativity. This fits in naturally with time-lapse photography and stop motion. The park was a beautiful place to test out some skills and try and create a video showcasing the park through our eyes.


While the sun was put to sleep, the long exposure experimentation began. Playing with camera movement the scene was used in an abstract manner to create wonderful and unique pieces of work.



At the end of the night we were pleased with what we had gathered and happy with the experience. It was time to pack up and put all the pieces together to make this video. I hope you enjoy it.

Sibley State Park Video

Remember that life is better outdoors so get out there!