Since the last time we light painted at Cowpen’s National Battlefield ended quite abruptly and in a disturbing manner, I must say we were a bit nervous as we headed out into the night to once again attempt at some light paintings on the historic Revolutionary War battlefield. But we were ready this time.. We had a taser!

Kate, Chris, and I hiked a lot further this time and made it past the road where we had shot a month prior. We ventured to a location where a metal silhouette of a kneeling soldier held his pose for our light painting endeavors. The soldier represented “the sharpshooters at the skirmish line who waited until Tarleton’s army got within shooting distance. Their orders were to slow Tarleton’s advance with well-aimed rifle fire then fall back to the militia second line. As the British came within range, the militia delivered a deadly fire, dropping two-thirds of the officers, then funneled back through the Continental line.” We chose to try highlighting his figure with woolspins, which proved a bit interesting, but overall ineffective. So we moved on to other methods..Sharpy

Chris came up with the idea of outlining the sharpshooter with a light. We tested it out using a DORCY LED glowstick and were blown away at the crisp outline of a soldier that popped up on the camera screen after closing the shutter. We knew we had a great direction at this point.

Sharpy Outline


Now that we had a great way of accentuating the Sharpshooter, we had to add to it. We decided to use some fountain fireworks to make it appear like his gun was firing. And I thought a nice color, woolspin orb off to the right would help the composition. I got a few decent orbs but something was missing. So I had Chris illuminate the big Oak tree in the background to add some context to our surroundings. We took probably 8-10 shots and I ended up preferring the shot below because even though my wool orb got totally messed up, I loved the sparks firing off. Plus the fountain fired off much better than the others.