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The Light Painting Art of Johnny Andrews

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The Light Painting Vlog #17 – For the Love of Light Painting

Every morning I wake up and spend a good portion of my day making images and video that will make up this vlog for the sake of improvement. Not only my improvement in the area of photographic, video, and editing skills, but will power and commitment as well. This Vlog is still in it’s infancy, but I am excited to see where it will go with all of you. Thank you for watching! Continue reading

The Light Painting Vlog #16 – Writing with Light Painting

Writing with light painting can be an adventure. First you have to know how to shoot long exposures in the dark, next the challenge of writing backwards with a flashlight in imaginary space. In The Light Painting Vlog #16, Dan takes us on an adventure to a little lake in Minnesota where he chases the fleeting darknessĀ into the day.

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