Light Painting Target Practice


I had the esteemed pleasure of light painting archer, Nate Jones. Nate is chasing the dream of becoming an olympic archer, and he is well on his way. Last night we lit up the targets and with the help of some light nocked arrows, we made some interesting shots. It was fun to see Nate arc the arrows into the target, in the dark, from the other end of the field.


We decided to step it up a notch (no pun intended) and have him shoot through a steel wool spin ;). He didn’t disappoint. This shot was done entirely with one exposure (the magic of light painting).

We were lucky to have a very interesting sky lit partially by the super moon, and partially by the lights of Bloomington, MN. These are the little things that can make shooting a professional athlete even moreĀ inspiring. Nate was amazing at consistently hitting his target, and even holding his pose as I fumbled around to get the camera to open, the flash to fire, and try to bring all the pieces together. Helps when you are photographing a pro!



Thanks for inviting me out to shoot last night Nate, and good luck on your Olympic dream.

You can check out what Nate is up to and help him with his dream. Check it out here.