Last weekend, my soon to be brother-in-law Colin came down to visit and partake in Charlotte’s Pride Festival. But first, we headed down to get some light painting in!  He arrived on Thursday evening and we had a great time celebrating his arrival. On Saturday, Colin asked if we could get some light painting shots of him, and I was quite excited by the offer to go light paint!

Our friend, Chris had come into town for the weekend and joined us in the tunnel for some good times. We got warmed up by testing out an iPad app called Holographium, which allowed us to create holographic words in the air!


We shot on both my DSLR and on my iPhone, using the LightBomber app. We eventually started trying to combine our written out holographic words with wool spins, and then firework fountain spins. We came out with a few pretty good shots.Pride

Our process was pretty simple and evolved with each shot. Colin started out by using his iPad to create the holographic word “pride” then while holding real still, I illuminated him with a flashlight to freeze him into the frame. He continued to hold his position while I made my way behind him and used my drill to spin my firework fountain to spray the sparks outward. It was a great time and a good way to commemorate the weekend.

-Johnny A.

CLT Pride