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Stealthy Bobcat

I felt the cool, night air on my face as I was biking down the road with inspiration and excitement in my heart. Ready for a solo light painting mission, I decided to head toward a nearby construction site. I cautiously entered the site and parked my bike in an empty concrete room. I then explored the open building looking for an interesting light painting subject. Continue reading



I was given this old Yashica MG-1 camera as a gift a while back. It is a pretty cool film camera. You find find out more about it here.

Anyways I decided it was right time to take a snap of this photogenic camera and the only suitable way was through light painting. Using a mirror, green LED, and a flashlight with some paper (tutorial here). This is the final result. Hope you enjoy light painting and cool cameras as much as I do.

As always, keep painting the world in light!

Ghostly Road


We arrived at Cowpen’s National Battlefield in Gaffney, SC, in the early evening and our friend Chris gave us a nice tour of the grounds, a major battle in the revolutionary war had occurred in these fields, and we learned a lot about one of America’s rare victories against Britain. I made some mental notes for light painting compositions as we walked the trails.

Continue reading

Beam me Up

It was the first evening of the East Coast Light Painting Meet-up and the rain was finally letting up. Not that it had held us back from light painting… The atmosphere and energy of the group was awesome and everyone was buzzing with creativity and excitedness . We decided it was high time to get a group shot. Following some awesome group shots with a huge light strip, everyone decided that our cameras were already warmed up and ready to go, why not go crazy?

Fireworks ensued shortly after as well as a lot of illumination and colored gels. The smoke remaining from the fireworks made for a great subject to illuminate with the powerful 1,300 lumen Coast flashlight held by none other than Dennis Calvert.

Several shots turned out blurry and chaotic with no real composition. But after a while I lined up my frame and caught a great moment when Dennis was holding steady, and some fireworks blasted some sparks into my composition. I waited a while and closed my shutter thinking my shot would be probably be another mesh of blur, crazy lights and smoke, but when I closed the shutter, it was a surprisingly interesting and a well lit shot. Out of the chaos, I caught a decent light painting.



Orb History in the Making

As I type this my fellow Stimulighter Johnny A is en route to meet some of the finest light painters the United States has to offer. Their objective is to create the most light painted orbs ever created in one exposure. The previous record is held by Andrew Wells. You can see the story here. This really shows why light painting is so freaking awesome!  Johnny is excited and doesn’t want to disappoint so he has been practicing his orbage techniques.


Not only am I jealous that Johnny gets to hang out with all these amazing light painters, I am now itching to get out and make some orbs myself.

It turns out Johnny gets to meet the legendary Jeremy Jackson at his Tacky Shack! I know this is one of Johnny’s hero’s and he is hoping a ‘tacky mask’ will take place.

So good luck Johnny (and Kate)! I know you will represent Stimulight well! As for the light painting world, great things are happening so be a part of the light painting revolution!


Light Painting to the (V) Max

I realize how corny the title is and I apologize.


If I could give one tip about life I would like to suggest that everyone light paint often (trust me it’s awesome) and enjoy the ride. Life is short so don’t waste it doing shit you don’t care about.

About the photo: this is a 20th edition Yamaha Vmax. It is special to me because it belonged to my late father. He left us in 2010. While I am not too attached to physical things, I have to say that when you rev this bad girl up, she demands respect. I can see why my parents enjoyed this bike so much. You might notice some water on the bike. I set the bike up (after washing it very carefully) and got ready to shoot right as a thunderstorm rolled through. Instead of giving up I just went ahead and shot in the rain. (Was hoping for some awesome lightning but wasn’t gifted any). I then used one of my tools I made from paper and electrical tape (here is how I made the tool) and gave the image that light painting love it deserved. That’s it. Flashlight and a piece of paper with some electrical tape. It is amazing what you can do with a little LP.


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