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Spread the Light with James de Luna

In the UK there is a young photographer they call James de Luna. If you are into the light painting community, you probably already know James. He has an uncanny ability to reach out and connect with light painters, bringing the community closer. This is actually how we got to know James. We had noticed his work, and pretty soon James was chatting it up with us on Facebook from across the pond. Right away it was clear that James is passionate about light painting and the light painting community. Continue reading

Sibley State Park

Wow it is beautiful out here today! The sun is shining, the ducks are quacking, and the loons are diving. Sitting on the beach at Sibley State Park it becomes clear that maybe us creatures were meant to spend our days outside with the elements. The rhythms of nature all around, the sun warming our skin and the smells of fresh air overwhelming our senses. Continue reading

We all have a Dark Side

Last Friday, October 31 (Halloween!!), I was nominated for a fun little social media trend going around called the “Five Day Black & White Photo Challenge.” I was pretty excited to receive the nomination from an awesome light painter by the name of Chris Bauer. I had noticed all of my light painting Facebook friends receiving nominations all week and incorporating light painting into the challenge and I was quite excited to do the same if I were to receive a nomination. Continue reading

Two Hours Alone in a Drain

I finally got around to finishing off a spirograph light painting tool that I had put off for a while.  I’ve had this revamped version of an old wheel for a few years since TCB and I built it.

Since then, it has had 3-4 different sets of battery powered LED light strands mounted to it. This time, I had a super long red LED light strand so I knew it would create a massive amount of spirograph patterns. Continue reading

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