The Light Painting Art of Johnny Andrews

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We all have a Dark Side

Last Friday, October 31 (Halloween!!), I was nominated for a fun little social media trend going around called the “Five Day Black & White Photo Challenge.” I was pretty excited to receive the nomination from an awesome light painter by the name of Chris Bauer. I had noticed all of my light painting Facebook friends receiving nominations all week and incorporating light painting into the challenge and I was quite excited to do the same if I were to receive a nomination. Continue reading

Light Painting Target Practice (with Nate Jones)


I had the esteemed pleasure of light painting archer, Nate Jones. Nate is chasing the dream of becoming an olympic archer, and he is well on his way. Last night we lit up the targets and with the help of some light nocked arrows, we made some interesting shots. It was fun to see Nate arc the arrows into the target, in the dark, from the other end of the field.    Read More……

How to Cook a Fish


Jackie and I (Dan) enjoy wine and brownies every friday. Last weekend I built this makeshift fire pit and couch thingy. While enjoying our wine we decided it was right time to break out the camera and start painting. We kept it simple. Cooking a light painted fish over our fire. No matter how often I paint with light, it is still awesome to be able to creatively add something to an image.

Happy Painting!

Freezing the Action with a Flashlight!



Who knew you could make an image like this with a flashlight. That’s what we did. There might have been a couple more tricks up our sleeve but we will share those with you in a later post.

Just a side note, we ate the egg and drank the wine as soon as the shoot was over. Waste not!