Category: How We Did It

Two Hours Alone in a Drain

I finally got around to finishing off a spirograph light painting tool that I had put off for a while.  I’ve had this revamped version of an old wheel for a few years since TCB and I built it.

Since then, it has had 3-4 different sets of battery powered LED light strands mounted to it. This time, I had a super long red LED light strand so I knew it would create a massive amount of spirograph patterns. Read more

Breaking Down the Shot: Floating Cookware


Last week if you were paying attention you may have seen this photo. We created this photo with a flashlight as an outside light source along with  a bit of fridge light and overhead light for effect. What this means is that the pose Jackie is holding would need to be held for at least 30 seconds. It is pretty difficult to make things float in the air for that period of time. So.. we cheated. This is how we did it. Read more