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I Project an Ideal Saturday Night

Dark tunnels, bright lights, cold beer, and good friends. That is my kinda Saturday night!

I had the esteemed pleasure of having Kate and Chris join me for a little light painting action. We ventured down into a culvert below a road I drive on every day, but had never been inside before. I had a lot of inspiration and new ideas brewing in my mind so I was excited to get down there! Continue reading

We all have a Dark Side

Last Friday, October 31 (Halloween!!), I was nominated for a fun little social media trend going around called the “Five Day Black & White Photo Challenge.” I was pretty excited to receive the nomination from an awesome light painter by the name of Chris Bauer. I had noticed all of my light painting Facebook friends receiving nominations all week and incorporating light painting into the challenge and I was quite excited to do the same if I were to receive a nomination. Continue reading

Tahoma Star Trails (Lake Tahoma pt. 2)

This is part two to my weekend at Lake Tahoma! After a nice Friday evening of showing some of my friends the basics of light painting, I was ready to try something new. I’d wanted to try this technique for a long time but living so close to the city lights of Charlotte, I never had a location with dark enough skies… That’s right, I was going to try my hand at STAR TRAILS on beautiful Lake Tahoma! Continue reading

Two Hours Alone in a Drain

I finally got around to finishing off a spirograph light painting tool that I had put off for a while.  I’ve had this revamped version of an old wheel for a few years since TCB and I built it.

Since then, it has had 3-4 different sets of battery powered LED light strands mounted to it. This time, I had a super long red LED light strand so I knew it would create a massive amount of spirograph patterns. Continue reading

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