Who is Stimulight The Night?


Johnny Andrews

I love long exposure photography and the endless possibilities that light painting creates.

I discovered light painting when I was a sophomore in college and was instantly hooked. I began creating different tools with various lights to try to create unique images of art using my camera as the canvas, and light as my brush.

There are many light painters who inspire my work and who push the limits of what has been done or can be done. My goal is to contribute to the light painting community and to help spread the word of this amazing art form,
so follow Stimulight the Night and enjoy the ride!

How it All Started

Stimulight the Night was born from a friendship and a desire to share light painting photography. In early 2014, a couple of crazy light painters wanted to showcase the amazingness of light painting photography. After years of light painting as a hobby, Johnny and Dan teamed up to create Stimulight the Night. The two met while studying graphic design at Iowa State University. They both had an early passion for photography. One night Johnny invited Dan to explore some tunnels below the streets of their college town. The rest is history.

Although Dan has now retired from Stimulight, Johnny’s here for the long haul. There’s a bright future in light painting and this channel is your source for tips, tricks, and entertainment. Enjoy!