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How To Install LED Lights On Your Bicycle


In this article I’ll show you how to convert your bicycle into an LED Light Bike. It’s surprisingly easy and really cheap. I did mine for around $60. If you ride at night, this will make your bicycle more safe and better looking. If you are into photography like us here at Stimulight the Night. Your bike will become the ultimate light painting tool.

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How We Made It – The Graphic Triangle

Photography, light painting, graphic design, fine art, they all have one thing in common. They rely on design principles to work. Recently inspired by other forms of art, I am taking my light paintings in a new direction focusing heavily on the principles of design. These include principles such as composition, line weight, color, pattern, balance, etc.



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How We Made It – Foggy Light Painting

A thick fog surrounded us as the campfire softly flickered at William O’Brien State Park. After a day of hiking, we were all exhausted and ready for bed, but I had other ideas. I convinced Jackie and Lauren to take make the 2 mile hike back down into the park. It was now dark, foggy and icy. Continue reading

The Light Painting Vlog #38 – How to Create a Light Painted Double Exposure

Sometimes inspiration comes out of nowhere… I was trying to figure out what to light paint for the vlog, when inspiration struck me. I noticed the lantern sitting on my patio table and thought to myself, why haven’t I done any fun light paintings with this?

I had just returned from three weeks on the road for work and was itching to do some light painting, with the day off in the morning, I took my time before getting started and got outside around midnight. I ended up getting into my process and light painting for over three hours!  Continue reading

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